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Is a Must, Not a Choice

Full Autonomous Flight is the Key for Advanced Air Mobility to Reach its True Potential
01 / Safe & Reliable
02 / In Logistics
03 / Accessible & Practical
  • Eliminates pilot error risk and ensures safe transportation.

  • Replaces need for humans to handle dangerous jobs hazardous to life, such as fire control, pipeline or network tower inspections, etc.

  • Reduces manual labor requirement and overhead of pilots, ground control staff, industrial workers, farmers, etc.

  • Increases operating hours and the frequency of all flight missions

  • Increases market uptake for AAM, by expanding the potential applications and customer use cases for eVTOLs

  • Breaks utilization barrier, as operators do not need an extensive technical background to navigate eVTOLs securely

About TIE

We are an elite team of developers, engineers, and manufacturers in the Advanced Air Mobility space, aiming to revolutionize the future of transportation for people and goods. Anchored with proprietary technology in aeronautics, robotics, artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing, TIE is making strides to become the leading global producer and service provider of Advanced Air Mobility.

Our Vision For The Future of Mobility

Mobility is more than the stressful travel systems and limited transportation infrastructure we experience today. TIE envisions Mobility to uplift the world by improving life fluidity, contributing to greener cities, and enabling friendlier communities.  We believe the near future of Mobility will free society of congested and polluted roads by reducing distances needed to be traveled with open skies with clean energy, and thus increasing the value of time, travel experiences, and quality of life for people.  TIE aims to make this possibility of Mobility into a reality with Autonomous Advanced Air Mobility Vehicles and Systems that are fully safe and readily accessible to everyone, everywhere.  With a passion for innovation and an unrelentless determination to enhance the world of Mobility in a practical and sustainable way, TIE continues to make great strides toward successfully accomplishing our vision.

Engineered to be Commercially Viable
and Create Maximum Market Impact

Our AAM Vehicles are Created Under Three Key Design Principals


Fast Track Safety &
Air Worthiness Certification


Best in Class
Performance, Quality
& Cost Effectiveness


High Volume


Proven Track Record in Successful Product Launching & Manufacturing of Drones

TIE has established a reputation of being a leading robotics company with the launch of our award winning SHIFT RED premium consumer drone, well know in the market for its excellent quality and superior flight functionality.  Our flawless production technology and integrated chain of manufacturing ensures a system to develop high quality products at the lowest price points possible.

초록 푸른 빛





Passenger eVTOL

SHIFT COMPSON is our state of the art, fully autonomous passenger transport eVTOL.  It has been developed ground up with the highest standards for safety, comfort, and performance.
SHIFT COMPSON platform has been designed to perfectly address private and public AAM commutes within urban environments as well as mid distance travel across cities.


Light Cargo Delivery eVTOL

SHIFT ZEROLAP is our eVTOL optimized for autonomous small package logistics.  It is structured to effectively carry payloads up 6kg within a 20km range.
SHIFT ZEROLAP enables safe, fast, efficient, convenient, and eco-friendly last-mile logistics of light packages throughout cities and suburbs, directly to customers’ front door steps.


AAM Defense & Emergency Systems

SHIFT DYNAMICS, our fully owned subsidiary, provides an integrated portfolio of autonomous UAS and cUAS solutions applied in defense, security, and emergency sectors.

SHIFT DYNAMICS provides safety and defense solutions to government, public, and private customers utilizing TIE’s next generation proprietary technology such as our autonomous AAM control platform, real-time terrain mapping & obstacle identification-tracking system

Join Our Team

Join our team at the forefront of innovation and progress. As we push the boundaries of what's possible in Advanced Air Mobility, we're seeking top talent in a wide range of engineering fields, from Aerospace and Electrical to Mechanical and Software. We're also looking for creative professionals with a passion for design, testing, and project management. Be a part of a team that values objectiveness, capability, performance, and efficiency in everything we do. Experience growth and fulfillment as you contribute to the future of flight.

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