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Light Cargo Logistics Made Possible With Fully Autonomous Aerial System


Driver Shortages, price fluctuations, and safety issues resolved with drone delivery.
From 30 minutes to 5, drone delivery gets your order safely to your door free of any ground transportation restraints.
No Traffics, Labor Costs, or Car Accidents in sight.

Key Features of Hassle-Free
Light-Cargo Delivery Services

SHIFT ZEROLAP is constantly evolving to meet the needs of all Light Cargo Delivery Services, with a dynamic and adaptable approach that ensures we stay ahead of the competition.
Our service is already bringing joy to customers in operating area,
And we're dedicated to continuing to exceed expectations with every delivery.

SHIFT ZEROLAP 2022 Service Trial

Get what you need, when you need it.
Your experience is the priority of our delivery services.


Light Cargo Logistics Made Closer


A comprehensive light-cargo logistics solution
SHIFT ZEROLAP drives the strides in perception with our Excellent Technology.

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Unphased by traffic and open routes directly to end destinations allows deliveries to be completed significantly faster than any land based means

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Traffic accidents harming delivery workforce and the public become obsolete

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Lower Rates

Eliminates need for drivers, riders, or pilots, thus providing overhead cost and time productivity savings that may be transferred to end customers

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Eco Friendly

Battery powered deliveries, helps to reduce urban pollution from emissions released from delivery trucks and motorcycles


Simple process to order and receive packages easily with minimum effort. ZEROLAP is readily accessable, easy, and suitable for everyone

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Without Boundaries

Hard to reach or non-economical destinations, such as islands, mountain terrains, and low populated areas may be easily covered

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